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We offer the highest value because your valuables are shown to an international buyers-base after being analyzed by our expert gemologists.

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Receive the best offer and get an immediate bank transfer on your account or choose to put your valuable on auction.

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We auction your valuables for you, in order to get you more. We take care of everything: cleaning, certificate and photos included.

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Discover what you can sell and what are the most wanted pieces of jewelry among our buyers.

It’s fundamental for us to get you the highest price for your valuables: diamonds, rings, solitaires, watches and precious stones.

Discover the most popular items our international buyers want to buy: you’ll find what gets more offers and guarantees you the highest sales price.

IGI and GIA certifications help you to sell your jewelry at the highest price.

For this reason we rely on them to professionally evaluate your most precious assets.

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  • Auctions

    Diamante 2,01 ct D VVS2 GIA

    Current bid: 10.110,00 Bid now
  • Auctions

    Diamante 2,20 ct D VVS1 GIA

    Current bid: 11.200,00 Bid now
  • Auctions

    Diamante 1,54 ct H VS2 GIA

    Current bid: 3.200,00 Bid now
  • Auctions

    Diamante 2,06 ct J VVS2 GIA

    Current bid: 12.600,00 Bid now

Recent Online Auctions

Discover your diamond jewelry potential value referring to our online auctions results.

  • Auctions

    Diamante 2,15 ct J VS1 GIA

    Sold for: 12.700,00
  • Auctions

    Diamante 0,73 ct H VS2 GIA

    Sold for: 1.980,00
  • Auctions

    Diamante 1,50 ct D VVS2 GIA

    Sold for: 9.400,00
  • Auctions

    Diamante 1,03 ct D VVS1 GIA

    Sold for: 4.600,00
  • Auctions

    Diamante 1,53 ct G VS2 GIA

    Sold for: 8.900,00
  • Auctions

    Diamante 1,00 ct H VVS2 GIA

    Sold for: 4.400,00
  • Auctions

    Diamante 1,20 ct D VS1 GIA

    Sold for: 9.700,00
  • Auctions

    Diamante 1,06 ct G VS2 GIA

    Sold for: 3.120,00