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How it works

Get the most out of selling your used jewelry. Auctentic helps you quickly, safely and easily sell: Loose diamonds, Diamond rings, Diamond necklaces, Diamond bracelets, Diamond earrings, Luxury watches, Gemstones.

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Upload the pictures of the valuables you want to sell, using our online form, without commitment. It’s a fast and easy.

Expert gemologists

Our expert gemologists is here for you, to guide you in every step of the process, from the evaluation to the sale.

Best Offer in 24 hrs

Your valuables are shown to an international base of more than 2000 buyers at once We bring you the best offer in 24 hours.

Get paid instantly

In the very moment you accept the offer, you get the instant payment.

What you can sell

Discover the best offer for your diamonds, gemstones and luxury watches

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Good For You, Good for the Earth

gestione dell'eredità


Buying second hand minimize our footprint and help diminish the negative impacts


Precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without degrading their integrity


Recycled diamonds reduce the demand for new diamond mining

Auctentic’s interest is not in buying at the lowest price but in selling your jewelry at the highest price. Unlike someone who buys directly from you and makes you a single offer, Auctentic is a broker that helps you receive multiple offers from a network of professional buyers from around the world who are interested in buying high-quality valuables.
When you send in your precious valuation request, Auctentic’s specialists already know which interested buyers to target so you can get the best diamond quote and sell in the shortest possible time and with the utmost security of certain and immediate payment.
Auctentic facilitates individuals who wish to sell diamonds and jewelry to the highest bidder because it is not the buyer but the one who is always on your side to get you the highest valuation in the market.
How? By negotiating upward prices for you with buyers competing to win your jewelry.

Request the FREE highest bid search service

Service available throughout Europe for the evaluation of important estate diamond jewelry and high-carat certified gemstones. Schedule your in-home appointment with our specialist if you wish to:

  • Get an updated evaluation of your valuables by our GIA gemologist
  • Find the perfect buyer with the highest offer on the international market
  • Obtain a fair division of inheritance, based on the value of every diamond and valuable
  • Get a confidential evaluation of your safety deposit box’s jewelry

The contemporary and vintage luxury watches collection’s evaluation is processed through a preliminary phase by our watch expert, directly on WhatsApp.

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Discover your diamond jewelry potential value referring to our online auctions results.

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