Diamante taglio rotondo brillante 3.06 carati

Diamante Rotondo Brillante 3.06 Carati F-SI1 GIA

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Diamante a taglio brillante rotondo da 3.06 carati, colore F, purezza SI1, completo di certificato GIA.


central stone Characteristics

Shape: Rotondo brillante
Lenght (mm): 9.43
Width (mm): 9.46
Depth (mm): 5.63
Color: F
Clarity: SI1
Polish: Excellent
Simmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: Medium blue
Depth (%): 59.6
Table (%): 59
Girdle: Slightly thick (faceted)
Inclusion types: Twinning wisp
Inclusions description: Twinning wisps
Culet size: None
Certificate: GIA
Certificate date: 14/01/2020
Laser inscription: No
Comments: Additional twinning wisps, pinpoints and surface graining are not shown.

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