Diamante cushion - GIA 4.05 ct (S to T)VS1

Diamante Taglio Cushion GIA 4.05 Ct (S to T) VS1

Sold for: 11.700,00

Diamante taglio Cushion brillante modificato da 4.05 carati, colore S to T, purezza VS1, con certificato numerato GIA.

central stone Characteristics

Shape: Cushion Brillante Modificato
Lenght (mm): 8.67
Width (mm): 8.53
Depth (mm): 5.90
Color: S to T range
Clarity: VS1
Polish: Excellent
Simmetry: Very Good
Fluorescence: Faint
Depth (%): 69.1
Table (%): 65
Girdle: Very thick - extremely thick (faceted)
Inclusion types: Pinpoint
Inclusions description: Pinpoint, feather, cloud
Culet size: None
Certificate: GIA
Certificate date: 28/06/2019
Laser inscription: No
Comments: Additional pinpoints are not shown

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