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Valuables valuation at home

Valuables valuation at home

A tailor-made service to enhance family heirlooms

The home precious evaluation service with a gemologist is designed for valuable properties and inheritances in diamonds, diamond jewellery, precious stones, and luxury and vintage watches.

If you would like a professional, accurate, and at the same time confidential diamond valuation of your most important family heirlooms, contact our fine jewelery specialist directly via WhatsApp to receive advice, answer your questions, or arrange a quick appointment at your home.

Maximum privacy and confidentiality for your most precious assets

If you wish, Auctentic also provides an equitable inheritance division drawn up by its specialists based on the total value of the property, divided by the number of entitled heirs.

If you want to entrust Auctenic with the search for the highest offer and the finalization of the sale, the evaluation and fair inheritance division are free.

Payment is immediate upon acceptance of the offer by you.

Private valuation of safe deposit boxes and fair inheritance division

Auctenic provides a private valuation service for safes and safes containing diamonds, diamond jewellery, precious stones, luxury and vintage watches, and the equitable inheritance division of the contents.
Furthermore, by entrusting Auctentic with finding the highest offer for the contents of your safe and finalizing the sale, the cost of the in-home evaluation is not applied.

Also, in this case, payment is immediate upon acceptance of the offer.

Get the most and close the sale without ever leaving your home.

Furthermore, after the first appointment for the physical evaluation, the specialists immediately work on the possible compilation of the inheritance division and find the best buyer, with a response within 24 hours.
If you like the offer, the specialist will come back to you for your approval and immediately activate the payment via instant bank transfer during the appointment.


  • Get a highly professional evaluation with the utmost discretion
  • You do not have to move your property to have it appraised
  • Receive an equitable division that satisfies the rights of all heirs
  • Find the buyer with the highest offer on the international market
  • Get paid instantly

Evaluation costs

Service is offered for free. The service is completely free of charge. There is no additional charge for our services. We guarantee a highly professional evaluation with the utmost discretion.