Foto coppia diamanti taglio pera brillante colore giallo GIa
Foto coppia diamanti taglio pera brillante colore giallo GIa
Foto coppia diamanti goccia gialli GIA

Pair of Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds 2.03 -2.02 Ct SI1 GIA

Sold for: 100.000,00

Pair of pear modified brilliant  diamonds, Fancy Vivid Yellow color, clarity SI1, certified by GIA, with laser inscriptions. Carats: 2.03 e 2.02. Characteristic second diamond Measurements: 10.63×6.17×4.31 mm 2.02 carati, politura e simmetria Very Good Inclusioni: twinning wisp, crystal, feather, needle, extra facet

Diamond Characteristics

Shape: Pear Modified Brilliant
Lenght (mm): 10.62
Width (mm): 6.19
Fancy: Vivid Yellow
Origine colore: Natural
Distribuzione colore: Even
Clarity: SI1
Polish: Excellent
Simmetry: Very Good
Fluorescence: Faint
Table (%): 57
Girdle: Thick - Extremely Thick (faceted)
Inclusion types: Twinning wisp, crystal, feather, indented natural
Culet size: None
Certificate: GIA
Certificate date: 02/09/2021
Laser inscription: YES
Comments: Additional twinning wisps, clouds, pinpoints and surface graining are not shown.

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