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Selling diamonds and jewelry safely online

Auctentic puts its best efforts to enable you to sell your diamonds and jewelry in the easiest and safest way, without moving from home, at the highest price in the market.

The Auctentic Method

Sell with complete confidence in a few simple steps.

Fill out the form

Quickly and easily upload the photos and information you have available about the valuables you want to sell. Your referring gemologist will immediately search for the highest bid, pitching your property to an audience of more than 2,000 international buyers.

Response in 24 hours

Receive the highest bid you have obtained on the international market within 24 hours. If the offer is to your liking, continue the sales process with Auctentic. If you do not find it satisfactory, you can reject it at no cost or commitment on your part.

Home pickup

Auctentic takes care of free pickup of your valuables at your doorstep, with courier delivery and non-stop insurance coverage. If you prefer an in-person appointment to the online procedure, you can schedule a meeting with a gemologist from the team in Milan (Italy) or Antwerp (Belgium).

Get evaluation

Your package arrives at Auctentic’s gemological office at the Antwerp Diamond Exchange within two days of shipment and is opened under camera. The valuables are verified and evaluated by an expert gemologist to confirm the offer and then receive your acceptance.

Immediate payment

On the same day, as soon as the authenticity and characteristics of the submitted item are verified, upon your acceptance of the offer, you will receive real-time payment by instant transfer.

Evaluation in the office

Make your appointment at the office in Milan or Antwerp for a live appraisal with an Auctentic gemologist and, upon confirmation of the object’s authenticity and characteristics, receive real-time payment by instant transfer.

Home appointment for collections and legacy

Should you wish to sell important collections and inheritances in diamonds and gemstones or have safe deposit boxes whose jewelry contents you wish to have privately appraised, an appointment can be scheduled at your home with an expert gemologist from Auctentic. To book an expert’s visit, write directly to the gemologist on WhatsApp.

Can selling my diamonds online help me financially?

The answer is yes.

Selling your diamonds, luxury watches, gemstones and diamond jewelry online is the fastest and safest way to monetize.

You can realize enough to cover a sudden emergency or an extra expense without having to put a dent in your bank account or take out loans.

Selling diamonds and jewelry online now is a valuable way to relieve the economic stress of the current recession.

Selling jewelry online now is a valuable aid to relieve the economic stress of the current recession.

Your diamonds and diamond jewelry are an asset that you may not remember having-or that you simply no longer wear, for a variety of reasons-that you can monetize by receiving offers from buyers around the world, right from home, thanks to Auctentic’s online service.

Diamond jewelry, even inherited or old jewelry, has a market and can do much more for your bank account if you decide to sell it instead of continuing to keep it in your jewelry box or locked in a safe deposit box.

Searching on your own for the right buyer for your diamond jewelry who can meet your realization expectations takes time and effort. In addition, it is not always easy to find individuals in a few days who are interested in buying at a satisfactory price and who are reliable in their payments.

Today you can sell diamonds online on several platforms, but they do not guarantee security of payment and cannot get you as high bids as Auctentic, which is a broker dedicated exclusively to selling diamonds and jewelry, with an audience of international professional buyers.

In physical stores, it is impossible for you to get the most out of selling your diamonds and jewelry. Especially in jewelry stores, you can expect more of a bill of sale than an immediate purchase, but it can also be several months before you find the ideal buyer.

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