A diamond is forever. A love story maybe not.


A diamond is forever. A love story maybe not.

Did you drop him? Did he leave you? It matters little. Whatever the story went, chances are you have an engagement ring in your hand and a question in your head: what should I do with this ring now? Well, common pain, half joy. Yours is a very common situation and therefore we want to give you some tips on how to behave, what to do and how to best sell your ring, which among other things, in these uncertain times of pandemic, could also be an excellent one. way to create an emergency fund. Surely, for all of us who have found ourselves terminating a relationship, now this ring has the meaning of "let bygones be bygones". The price of this stone? Forget it, especially if we talk about it in emotional terms. There are basically two reactions that arise from the memory that the engagement ring evokes after a divorce. The first is the sentimental self-harming one: you keep the memory in the bottom of a drawer and when you feel like depressing yourself in melancholy you put it back in plain sight.

The other type of reaction is to look to the future without remaining anchored to memories and instead think about what you could get out of that ring which, if desired, could give you even more happiness than the last time you wore it. We are talking about the value of your ring not only from an emotional point of view, but also from an economic point of view. In fact, what is now a memory for you could happily turn into a new life project such as a vacation or starting a new business. Whatever your motive or plan, here are some ideas on what to do with your engagement ring after divorce.  

Return the engagement ring

  Let's start with the first big question they asked themselves: return the ring or keep it? To quickly resolve this doubt, let's start from an assumption: on the subject of returning the engagement ring there is a code of bon-ton to follow. The etiquette (the traditional one) dictates that the ring must be returned to the man if the engagement is broken by mutual agreement or if it is the woman who wants the marriage to end. On the contrary, if the engagement was broken by the man, the woman should keep the ring and consequently she can do whatever she wants with it. In addition to this ancient rule, there is a code of conduct to be agreed upon in the couple. For example, if the engagement ring is part of his family heirlooms, it is usually agreed to return it in case of breakage, so that the ring remains at home. In principle, consider any claim on your part regarding the return of the ring, remembering that returning it, in addition to being a noble gesture, frees you from all the feelings of guilt or emotional debt that bind you to him, once per all. This is also a first step towards a new and independent life. However, deciding to keep a ring or to return it after a divorce is always something capable of arousing strong feelings, negative emotions which, if a woman wants to move forward in life, she must eliminate as soon as possible. For this reason, many psychotherapists and couple counselors suggest to those who still have a ring linked to a finished story to sell it, and then invest the gain in a new life project. A strongly symbolic gesture, but with a great implication in your personal and professional life. 

Transform your Diamond into something better

There are also those who do not have all these problems. There are ex-wives or ex-girlfriends who are still in love with their engagement ring or at least believe in its symbol of family union. In these cases, we recommend that you keep the ring and then be able to deliver it in the future to a daughter or granddaughter, or to a son who wants to declare himself. This is a good way to transform the bitter and poignant memories attached to the ring into a positive omen for a new beginning. A nice, powerful gesture. Still talking about transformation, one thing you could consider is to melt the frame and then create a pendant with the diamond, to wear something new and then in the future give to a daughter or a granddaughter. Or, if your engagement ring is made up of more than one stone and there are children in your family, you can easily use diamonds, along with any other gem and metal to create different jewelry for each of them. If you think about it, your children are and will always remain the true "gifts" of your marriage, so why not give them a memory that shines forever? Deciding to keep or transform the diamond certainly has its own reason, but always provided that the divorce or separation was friendly. Then it can really represent a new beginning because a deep family bond remains and future generations will benefit from the fact that the ring and the jewels made with it will be handed down from one person to another. However, if your divorce was bad and caused you deep grief, gifting a diamond from a failed marriage to a family member is a bad omen and comes with bad karma. If that's the case, maybe you should sell it and use the proceeds to create new memories and experiences in your new life

Sell your ring and give yourself a new life

The etiquette of the engagement ring for divorce, in addition to the one we mentioned earlier, also says that it tends to be the woman's duty to keep the engagement ring in the event of the marriage ending. Of course, it's all very beautiful and nostalgic. But what if the woman who is the custodian of the memory preferred to set that ring on fire rather than look at it again? So is it right to leave an engagement ring, which is very likely worth money, at the bottom of a drawer? A drawer that we will most likely try never to open. So why throw this possibility away? Sell it on Auctentic at its best, receiving your payment immediately. There are no disadvantages in getting money for your engagement ring, unless you are still emotionally attached to it and want to keep it. And, if this is the case, hold it tight until you feel ready to part with it and above all ask questions about the reasons that still bind you to the past. If you want to finally move on, you need to be able to let go of the past. But if you really don't feel like doing it yet, the bright side is that diamonds hold their value and you can sell your ring anytime in the future once you're sure you want to move on. The benefits are many: you get rid of the ring, your ex no longer comes to mind and you can finance your new projects and start a new life! And after the advice on how to arrange the engagement ring after a separation, here is some ideas on how to best start a new life if you decide to sell your ring.

  • How about a nice vacation? New places, new people, new opportunities.
  • Another way to start a new life is to make changes at home, to make the environment where you live more welcoming. An idea? Create a studio, an ideal workstation for smart-working, to combine work and relaxation.
  • If in the meantime you have remarried and started a new chapter in your life, why not use the money earned from the sale of the ring for a nice honeymoon?
  • If you have a dream, like a new business of your own, selling your ring could help you create a good springboard.
  • Or you could always invest the money in a supplementary pension or create a fund for your children's studies. After all, your engagement ring is still an economic resource.

What to do with your engagement ring after separation can be a decision you make in a moment or in years, if you are still involved with both your heart and mind. Regardless of the decision you make, remember that jewelry always retains a certain value. If that value will remain sentimental or economic, this is completely up to you.