Diamonds, their meaning: because we attribute value and charm to them


Diamonds, their meaning: because we attribute value and charm to them

Conventionally, it is customary to associate the diamond with important events often linked to love life such as engagements, weddings, promises.

What has become almost a habit has very ancient roots and is certainly not an invention of modern times.

Diamonds carry with them particular meanings since ancient times.

It is thought that the first diamonds were recognized and mined in Indiawhere they were used in religious icons and it is likely that they were known and considered precious as early as 6,000 years ago .

Protection and serenity

Like other precious stones, the diamond has often been seen as a stone capable of protecting the wearer. Worn on the neck, on the left hand and on the points corresponding to energy points such as chakras and meridians, it is useful for directing energy flows, has calming properties and helps to regain inner peace.


It is the most banal aspect but certainly the first one thinks about. According to an ancient medieval belief, wearing a gold diamond ring on your heart for nine days and nine nights seemed to guarantee the unconditional love of the man or woman of your dreams. which cannot be scratched.


The diamond is the metaphor of perfection and aims, by its very nature, to be and symbolize the best, the highest and purest, without compromise. This meaning confirms the consolidation of the habit of giving it away in correlation with profound meanings: love, unity, indissoluble bond. The diamond is and remains the manifestation of the highest feelings: the eternity of a love story, the birth, the gift that knows no equal.