How to Take Care of Your Jewelry


How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Tips for keeping jewelry protected from wear

We all have jewelry or valuables that we care about. Some of them may be new and shiny, just bought for a special occasion or just because we liked them. Other jewelry, on the other hand, may be many years old and be a very meaningful gift from someone dear to us. But like everything else, even the best jewelry can fall victim to wear over time and inevitably get damaged. For this reason, it is necessary to know all possible techniques, in order to take care of even the most precious jewelry. In this way, they can fight the signs of age and come back to life again.

1. Avoiding contact with strong external agents

There are elements or solutions that can be excessively offensive to our most precious jewelry in the long term. For example, chlorinated water is an enemy of gemstones, therefore it is preferable to protect precious jewelry from these elements. This is why it is advisable not to wear valuables when going to the swimming pool, to the spa or even just to the beach, as the sea water or chlorine could, over time, ruin them.

2. Avoiding direct contact with chemicals or chemicals that are too strong

Jewelry is an extremely delicate object, and although it is made of extremely durable substances, it was made to enhance our appearance. As a result, they cannot withstand too strong chemicals or substances for too long. It is recommended not to use perfumes in direct contact with jewelry or to wear it when using substances such as detergents or too aggressive chemicals.

3. Use the right products to clean your jewelry

Every piece of jewelry needs to be cleaned with the right care, but not all can be stored in the same way. In fact, each type of metal or stone requires a different method and solution to maintain its shine. For example, gold is a very simple element to care of, as it requires little attention and can be washed with soap and water, but a custom-made cloth that is not abrasive is recommended. In contrast, silver requires much more care and precision, as it requires the use of appropriate/suitable products that can counteract the oxidation process of silver.

4. Be careful where you store your jewelry

Every piece of jewelry needs the right home, so that it can be protected from external agents and last longer. Consequently, all experts recommend storing your jewelry in small padded jewelry boxes or small silk bags so that it cannot be damaged. It is also recommended that you do not keep your jewelry together, but keep them apart or in separate bags to prevent them from getting dirty and ruined.

With these little tips and techniques, it will be much easier to take care of your jewelry and make it last longer.

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