Selling used jewelry at original value


Selling used jewelry at original value

Buying new things gives us happiness, it's a natural feeling. Especially when we buy, or are given to us, an exclusive and valuable object. The other side of the coin is that as soon as the object you have dreamed of so much is in your hands, it has just lost 40% of its value. This happens because as soon as something becomes our property, it loses its status again and therefore, automatically, part of its value. You must always keep this reality in mind when you decide to sell your jewelry. The retail price of a jewel is an indicator of its value when you buy it but is not reflected later when you want to resell it. 

The Resale Value

When you decide to resell your jewelry, there is no absolute value recognized by everyone, as many believe. When you resell a jewel, it is considered as a used jewel on the wholesale market and not as a new jewel in the retail market. If you need to determine the resale value, you need data, which is the specific resale estimate, an estimate that defines the price that a possible buyer is willing to pay for your used jewel when it is placed on the wholesale market. Another thing you can do is request an estimate from a jewelry trading company like Auctentic.

Resale Markets

The question at this point is: what is the best resale market for jewelry and watches? There are many answers that could come to your mind, from the trusted jeweler to the friend who works in the jewelry industry, up to the auction houses. At Auctentic we believe, and this is not just true for high jewelry, that specialized markets, especially guaranteed ones, always reserve the best opportunities. Both in terms of the number of buyers and in terms of prices, which are potentially always up-to-date and therefore high. There are three fundamental elements to obtain an optimal resale price in a specialized market:

  1. Jewelry and watches should be offered to a market specialized in high jewelry, consequently frequented by buyers with economic availability.
  2. Jewelry and watches should be sold in a market with offers directed exclusively to jewelry. Why? First of all, these markets are frequented by knowledgeable buyers who have the right know-how to understand the value of what you are selling. Secondly, the specialized markets themselves act as guarantors for your jewelry, as they give the right prestige to the jewel.
  3. The proposed jewels must always be in possession of an accurate and complete certification in order to be easily identified and therefore in order to attribute the right value, even among the precious items proposed by other sellers.
  4. Often the factors that increase value the most are only visible to an expert. Clear, detailed and attractive photographs are essential for selling your jewelry effectively.
  5. Jewelry placed in an auction must always be verified by a third party. Only by removing all doubts of risk and fraud do you have a greater chance of selling and getting a price that matches their true potential. The experts you turn to must have all the gemological and jewelry knowledge to perform a 360-degree check and thus maximize the full potential of the item you have decided to sell. This experience must be accompanied by at least a decade of experience in the sector of high-level jewelry buying and selling. The goal you must always keep in mind is to sell your jewelry at an excellent resale price, which will never be the original purchase price.

For this reason, the right step is to showcase your jewelry among experienced sellers in a market where it can attract maximum competitive exposure to buyers. This is why Auctentic was born: to give you the chance to put your jewelry in good hands and get you the maximum exposure to sell at its best, on a platform able to reach the same wholesale buyers specialized in pre-owned jewelry, that professionals are looking for in the resale market.