What to do with inherited jewelry?


What to do with inherited jewelry?

Inheriting jewelry can be a conflicting time, with emotions and logistics that go beyond simply receiving material possessions. It might be your grandmother’s necklace that holds precious memories, or your mother’s diamond ring that holds stories and memories that go back before you were born. Naturally, when thinking about what to do with inherited jewelry, you’ll be looking for reliable information from professionals that are accustomed to dealing with such emotive and sensitive items. In this article, we’ll explore the different options for parting with your inherited jewelry, including the different selling options and etiquette for inheritance jewelry.

Emotional and Ethical Considerations

Given the nature of inherited jewelry, the emotional attachment can be strong. Often, inherited jewelry allows you to experience a tangible connection to those who are no longer with us, prompting feelings of love, nostalgia, or happy memories. For this reason, those with inherited jewelry can feel a sense of duty to keep the legacy of their loved ones alive, imbuing the item with added meaning and responsibility.

In addition to these emotional ties come numerous ethical considerations. This includes navigating fairness among other heirs, respecting the wishes of the one who has passed away, and doing what’s necessary to preserve your family heritage. The etiquette for inheritance jewelry involves recognizing that a jewel might hold different degrees of significance for different family members, depending on their unique relationship with the deceased. Naturally, with this complexity comes a need for empathy, understanding, and compassion.

Exploring Options for Inherited Jewelry

When coming into the possession of inherited jewelry, you will be faced with an overwhelming choice (and perhaps opinions!) about what to do with it. Here, we explore the different options. 

  • Keep it as a memory

One option for your inherited jewelry is to keep it for yourself. Whether you keep it stored away safely, bring it out for special occasions, or wear it daily, this allows you to keep the memory of your loved one close. Many report that keeping hold of inherited jewelry provides a sense of continual connection, even serving as a source of comfort through the grieving process. Others say that it brings them reassurance or strength, or a way to inspire conversation about the person who passed down the jewelry. If you do decide to keep your inherited jewelry as a memory, one element to consider is its safety and security. This might involve taking out specialist insurance, so you can be assured you are covered if it is ever lost or stolen.

  • Get creative

Another alternative when deciding what to do with inherited jewelry is to transform it into a new piece. This way you can challenge yourself creatively, adding elements of personalization while still honoring the soul and history of your piece. By transforming your inherited jewelry into something new, you can ensure you’re getting use out of it while still maintaining its meaning. You will need to proceed with caution, however, as while being creative can breathe new life into your jewelry, it can impact its resale value should you need to sell it in the future.

  • Pass it down

You might choose to gift your inherited jewelry to your current or future children. Passing down jewelry can be a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between family members or start a new family tradition. If you have decided to give the jewel your own personal touch, it can become an even more special heirloom that reflects the style and taste of multiple family members. However, passing down jewelry can be sensitive and needs to be approached with care, so as not to motivate feuds or feelings of unfairness between family members.

  • Sell it with a specialist  

For those thinking practically, selling inherited jewelry can provide excellent financial value. This is especially compelling if you don’t have a personal connection to the piece, or if it doesn’t quite fit with your taste and style. You might feel the piece is better being loved and appreciated by someone else, as opposed to just sitting in a drawer collecting dust. In addition, you might feel that you have other ways of honoring your loved one’s memory that don’t involve keeping hold of their personal possessions. For others, selling inherited jewelry can feel quite freeing, and form part of the process of “letting go”. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision, and will very much depend on your unique circumstances, financial situation, and relationship with the person who has passed away.

Where to sell inherited jewelry

When you’ve come to the decision to sell your inherited jewelry, the next step is to decide on your method or platform. This can be a daunting process, particularly if you’ve never dealt with the etiquette of selling inheritance jewelry before.

  • Local jewelers

One option for selling inherited jewelry is to visit your local jeweler. However, keep in mind that due to geographical constraints, these can have a limited network of buyers. What’s more, maintaining a physical store involves costly overheads, and therefore you might not receive the optimum price.

  • Sell jewelry online

To benefit from global reach, you can also sell jewelry online. There are many websites for selling your jewelry online, ranging from private sellers or online consignment stores that list and sell inherited jewelry on your behalf. However, these companies tend to charge high fees for their marketing, expertise, and access to their audience.

  • Auction platforms

You may have also come across auction sites such as Sotheby’s that sell jewelry online. Similar auctions platforms offer a guarantee of their reputation and experience, but they also charge high commissions, and you can't be sure of the selling price. This can be particularly nerve-wracking when selling inherited jewelry.

  • With Auctentic

Auctentic offers a fast and seamless way to sell your jewelry online. Understanding the sensitivity and etiquette for inheritance jewelry, our experts can guide you through every step of the process. Our established network of over 2000 international buyers allows us to secure the best possible price for your piece, so you have the deserved means to honor your loved one’s legacy in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Having explored all the different options for what to do with your inherited jewelry, we are sure you will be feeling much more informed about the necessary considerations. With jewelry that’s been lovingly passed down, it’s exceptionally important to make thoughtful decisions, being mindful of your own feelings as well as those of others in your family.