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Buyer Protection

The Instant Online Buyer of Value Jewels, safe and tailored to you.

When you sign up as a buyer on Auctentic, you immediately benefit from all the benefits of the services offered by Auctentic.
Guaranteed descriptions, complete insurance of the objects, real-time information on auctions and impartial certifications: these are just some of the measures to protect the purchases of registered buyers, to allow you to meet your expectations and bid in complete safety for the objects of yours. interest.

Auctentic protects the value of your items

Guaranteed descriptions
Relying on online marketplaces with confidence and tranquility?
Even the most experienced buyers in the precious sector can run into bad experiences, especially when shopping online.
For this Auctentic assumes responsibility for all descriptions and images of the objects that go up for auction, providing you with the guarantee of truthfulness and impartiality.
In the unlikely event that you receive an item that differs from the description on which you based your offer, Auctetic helps you resolve the problem through the “LINK COMPLAINT FORM”, where you can find the return procedure depending on the type of item you purchased.
If there is a real difference between the description and the item received, even though it is a very rare occurrence, Auctentic honors the guarantee by reimbursing you for the full amount spent on the purchase and accepting the return.

Only certifications from the best laboratories
Auctentic relies solely on the Antwerp I.G.I and the GIA for the certification of precious stones and the best professionals in the field of luxury watches to give you impartial authenticity.

We protect your investment

Insured shipping
Auctentic ships the items you purchase relying solely on the Ferrari courier specialized in precious items and to Lloyd’s of London for the insurance coverage that protects each of its shipments.
Indeed, Auctentic’s top priority is safety: from the moment the seller ships his item and until it reaches your door, everything is fully insured.

Protected Headquarters
All the valuables found in the Auctentic headquarters from the moment of inspection to the conclusion of the auctions are kept in maximum security safes, monitored by cameras and protected by a security service.
Auctentic’s location is also fully covered by insurance and the items you have purchased are always protected during the on-site storage period.

Maximum protection of your privacy
Auctentic auctions are absolutely private.
Your name, information and offers are completely hidden from other buyers and do not appear on the site.
However, you are informed in real time if another buyer has exceeded your offer, to avoid inflating the sale price and to ensure that your offers reflect the value that the object has for you.