Round Brilliant 1.88 carat

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This Round Brilliant diamond, with a weight of 1.88 carats, embodies the pinnacle of diamond craftsmanship. It features an H color rating, placing it in the near-colorless spectrum to ensure a bright, vibrant appearance. The clarity grade of VS2 indicates very slight inclusions, which are not easily visible, preserving the diamond's pristine beauty. Exceptionally, this gem has been awarded an 'Excellent' rating in three critical aspects: cut grade, polish, and symmetry, which together guarantee a dazzling brilliance and a perfect finish. Moreover, the absence of fluorescence ensures that its luminosity and color remain unaffected under different lighting conditions, further enhancing its allure. This diamond combines the utmost precision in cut with impeccable clarity and color, making it an extraordinary choice for any jewelry connoisseur.

Shape: Round Brilliant
Weight: 1.88
Color: H
Clarity: VS2
Cut grade:  Excellent
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None 

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