Diamond 2.01 Carat

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The diamond is a 2.01-carat diamond known for its exceptional quality and precision craftsmanship. With a nearly colorless G grade, it exudes a subtle warmth that enhances its appeal. Its VVS2 clarity grade ensures minimal inclusions, allowing for maximum brightness and transparency. The diamond's excellent ratings in polish, symmetry, and cut highlight its meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in a gem that dazzles with its brilliance, fire, and sparkle. Additionally, it shows no fluorescence under ultraviolet light, contributing to its pure and natural appearance.

This structured format presents the key details of the diamond in a concise and organized manner.

Diamond Information:
Weight: 2.01 carats
Color Grade: G
Clarity Grade: VVS2
Polish Grade: Excellent (EX)
Symmetry Grade: Excellent (EX)
Cut Grade: Excellent (EX)
Fluorescence: None


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