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About Us

Auctentic is your international broker of choice for the brokerage and valuation of important diamonds, high quality gemstones, luxury watches and vintage second hand watches in the used jewelry sale market by individuals.

Auctentic was born from the 20-year experience in the diamond industry of a group of brokers, gemologists and specialists who have built a trusted professional relationship over the years with a strong global network of more than 2,000 reliable international buyers to help you sell your used jewelry to the highest bidder, without moving you from home.

Auctentic’s mission is to make sure you always get the most out of selling your diamonds and jewelry by minimizing the time it takes to find the best buyer.

When you want to sell jewelry that you no longer wear or want to keep, whatever your need, Auctentic is here to help you with transparency, professionalism, respect for your privacy and without wasting your time, negotiating for you the upward price of your most valuable items.

International Presence

Auctentic’s registered office is located in the Netherlands.

The other offices are in Belgium and Italy.

The Belgian office is located within the Antwerpsche Diamantkring, the world’s most important Rough Diamond Exchange founded in 1929 in Antwerp, the city of diamonds par excellence.

In Italy, the office is located in the heart of Milan, at Via Albricci 9, where the Auctentic team is at your disposal to give you information on diamond valuation, receive by appointment and advise you on the services offered online.

Free Tailored Service

With Auctentic, from the very beginning of the procedure you have a specialist at your disposal, who personally follows you through every stage of the sale, from initial assistance to negotiating upward bids and until payment is made, to support and advise you confidentially, update you step by step, and meet your needs in the most satisfactory way for you.

Auctentic does not make money on your sale but only from the fees charged to the buyer.

For online valuation and highest bid search services, you never have any cost or commission to pay.


Auctentic shares the same interest as you: getting you sold at the highest price the used jewelry sales market can offer.

In fact, Auctentic does not buy directly from you and earns exclusively from the brokerage percentage charged to the buyer.

Therefore, Auctentic’s commitment is to search and find the buyer with the highest international offer for you.

In addition, the specialist who personally assists you informs you transparently and in real time about all the details of the sale.

Professionalism and Immediate Feedback

The Auctentic specialist who personally follows up with you, offers your jewelry only to buyers who are genuinely interested and who have expressed a clear preference to buy precisely gemstones and jewelry models similar to yours.

This allows your referring professional in Auctentic to contact buyers who are seriously interested and allows you to close the sale negotiation very quickly.

All buyers who purchase through Auctentic are professionals who know the market and make offers based on in-depth knowledge of the jewelry and diamond industry.

Therefore, live verification of the condition, characteristics, and authenticity of the jewelry you offer for sale is essential.
In fact, every precious that you send or personally deliver to the Antwerp office is carefully evaluated by Auctentic’s specialists before finalizing the sale, thus guaranteeing the buyer the utmost security of his or her purchase.

Respect for your Privacy

When you sell used jewelry through Auctentic, we never ask you for unnecessary personal information and we never share it with anyone.
Your privacy and trust are very important. You can see the full privacy policy here.


With Auctentic’s network of professional international buyers, you have the opportunity to receive multiple offers without even having to move from home to sell your jewelry online.

With a simple procedure, you are guided by a professional every step of the way to close the sale in just a few days from the first contact, for your maximum convenience.

Satisfied Expectations

In every sale, our goal is to meet your expectations.
We always try to bring you the best valuable valuation that can be found on the international market.
If you are not satisfied with the offer you receive, you are under no obligation to sell with Auctentic.

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