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Who we are?

Auctentic was born from the thirty years of experience of a group of expert gemologists and professional international buyers of jewels and precious stones, to give you the best online buying and selling service.

Auctentic is the marketplace that favors the meeting between sellers and buyers interested in buying jewels, diamonds and luxury watches with direct offer and immediate payment or by auction. If you want to get the most out of your valuables, in the shortest possible time and with minimum effort, Auctentic is the place for you.

Whether it is the need to finance a new business, a course of study to improve your future or the desire for a vacation, Auctentic is here to help you with transparency, professionalism, respect for your privacy and without wasting your time.


You are followed by our experts in every step of the sale: from the initial evaluation to the sale you are informed transparently and in real time on all the details.


Auctentic shows your precious objects only to a network of professional international buyers who are really interested in buying them, who know the market and who make offers, immediate or at auction, based on a thorough knowledge of what you want to sell. In the same way, the authenticity of the objects you offer for sale is fundamental. Each precious object you send is in fact carefully evaluated and described in every detail following the meticulous examination by the leading experts in the sector.


When you sell a valuable item on Auctentic, we never ask you for unnecessary personal information and we never share it with anyone. Your privacy and trust are very important. You can see the complete privacy policy here.


Auctentic’s mission is to get you the most for your valuables, quickly and with ease. Thanks to Auctentic’s network of international professional buyers, you have at your disposal the largest Italian online market for valuable jewelery, without leaving home.

Expectations fulfilled

In every sale, our goal is to meet your expectations. We give you the guarantee of the highest market value for your valuables. If you are not satisfied with the offer you receive, Auctentic will send you your items for free with insured shipping.

Exceptional service

You have an Auctentic personal assistant who follows you in every step, from initial assistance to all stages of the sale, to give you suggestions, news and updates and meet your needs in the best possible way.