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Whatever your expectations and needs in the sale and purchase of jewelry, watches and precious stones, Auctentic is here to help you make them come true.

Without moving from home, without wasting time, quickly, safely and with complete respect for your privacy.

Auctentic meets the expectations of sellers and buyers of valuable jewelry every day through the matching of supply and demand on its platform, dedicated solely to the purchase and sale of precious items.


Through bids, immediate or placed in the auctions taking place on the Auctentic site, by an audience of professional and qualified international buyers.

The best experts in the sector and a network of international professional buyers guarantee you impartial quotations and the possibility of obtaining the highest resale price for your valuables, with impeccable assistance throughout the buying and selling process.

After sending the photos and the description of your jewel, precious stone or watch, an Auctentic expert will contact you again on the same day, informing you of the estimate of how much you will be able to achieve from the sale of your object.

If the estimate meets your expectations, Auctentic organizes free collection at your home, fully insured with the Ferrari courier, specialized in the transport of valuables.
Shipping is fast and arrives at Auctentic’s offices the following day, where experts verify the authenticity of your item.

The photos of your precious, authenticated and described in every detail, are sent to a selected mailing list of international professional buyers interested in buying with an immediate offer (direct offer).

Auctentic collects the direct offers that arrive for you and the highest one is communicated to you.

You then receive the communication of the highest offer, which you can accept to receive immediate payment or refuse to auction your item on Auctentic and try to achieve more.

Option 1: accept the offer and receive payment within 24 hours

If you accept, you will receive the payment by immediate transfer in 24 hours to your account.

Option 2: You decide to put your item up for auction

If you decline, you can decide to auction your item on Auctentic to try to make more money.
In this case, the timing is longer because it requires cleanin/polishing your precious, certification and professional HD photographs for preparation for the auction.
With this option you will receive the payment in your account in 6-10 days.
Con questa opzione ricevi il pagamento sul tuo conto in 6-10 giorni.

Auctentic’s team of qualified experts accepts the jewelry, diamonds, gemstones and luxury watches that interest international buyers most and for which you can get the highest selling price.

Among the precious items you can sell on Auctentic are:

– Jewelery and diamonds: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings in gold or platinum, with or without diamonds, of brands such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Pomellato, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels and many others.

– Luxury watches such as Rolex, Patek Philppe, Cartier, Omega, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, Tag Heuer, Panerai and more.

1. In a few steps you can best describe your object and upload some photos that best represent it using the request form. It is easy and intuitive.

And if you don’t know exactly how to describe your item, you can still send only the photos and you will be contacted by an expert who will help you better understand what you have to sell.

The details you provide are important to determine an estimate of the results you can get with an immediate offer or auction.
In this way, even before sending your valuables to Auctentic, you can already get an idea of how much you can get from the sale.

2. We’ll get back to you within the day.

After receiving the details of your item, an Auctentic expert will get back to you the same day to let you know the estimate of what you can get from the sale.

If you are satisfied with the estimate, you can send your item to Auctentic which takes care of the free and insured collection.

If the estimate does not satisfy you, you can still proceed with the free shipment of your item to the Auctentic headquarters to put it up for auction and try to earn more.
The Auctentic team takes care of everything: polishing / cleaning, certification, professional high-definition photographs, 360° videos, auction preparation and monitoring, insured shipping to the buyer.

If the estimate meets your expectations:

– Receive the prepaid label via email for free collection with the Ferrari courier, specialized in the transport of valuables, for insured shipping up to € 100,000.

–-> You decide the day of the courier collection at the address you indicated.

– The next day your item arrives at the Auctentic headquarters, where it is carefully evaluated, described and presented to a mailing list of international buyers selected based on the buying interests for your type of precious, via direct offer.

An Auctentic expert tells you the highest offer your item has received.

–-> Just confirm the offer to receive immediate payment to your account on the same day.

– You can still refuse the direct offer and decide to auction your item to try to earn more: the Auctentic team takes care of cleaning, polishing, certification, professional photographs, auction and insured shipping to the buyer’s address.

Direct bids are immediate and fast offers that allow you to immediately make a profit from the sale of your precious item, without having to put it up for auction.
The offers for your object come from an audience of buyers selected based on the purchase interests expressed for a particular type of precious, such as a diamond ring or a Rolex Submariner watch.
It is to this audience, selected from time to time on the basis of the items on sale, that Auctentic shows your precious item after having received, evaluated and described it, so that you receive the highest offer.
If the direct offer does not satisfy you, you can still refuse it and decide to put your precious object up for auction.

Auction bids are those that are placed by an audience of buyers competing for your item in current auctions on the Auctentic site.
In this case, the winning bid will be equal to or higher than the reserve price you have set.
If it is lower, you can decide not to sell and have your item returned

When your item arrives on site, it is checked and evaluated by Auctentic experts to verify its authenticity.

The Auctentic team takes care of everything:

– cleaning/polishing of the piece;

– production of certification by the I.G.I. or the GIA, to guarantee potential buyers the authenticity and value of your object and make it more attractive;

– complete and impartial description of the object and its state of conservation/functionality;

– professional high definition photographs, 360 ° videos, for the best presentation to buyers;

– auction preparation and monitoring for its entire duration;

– insured shipping to the buyer’s home.

Auctentic sets the reserve price together with you and alerts you when the item is about to be put up for auction online.
Similarly, your potential buyers are also notified before the auction starts, with an invitation to participate to compete for your item.
The auction has a maximum duration of 4 days, to allow the public of specific and qualified buyers to place bids.
At the end of the auction, if the highest bid is equal to or higher than your reserve price, the sale is approved and you will receive the payment in your account within a few days.

If the reserve price is not reached, you can refuse the offer and have your item returned, fully insured and paid for by Auctentic.
The only costs to be borne by you in case of refusal of the offer are the certification costs, which depend on the carat weight of the certified stone: these costs will still be communicated to you before auctioning and are subject to prior approval by you.

Payment is made by immediate bank transfer, which means you receive the payment in your account as soon as the transfer is made by Auctentic.

Auctentic covers all shipping costs, which include full insurance for your valuables from your home and to our offices, which are also insured.

Auctentic’s platform fees depend on the result you get with the direct bid or auction and represent a percentage of sales.
Auctentic retains the commission only when, once the sale is successfully concluded, you receive your payment.
The fees for the direct bid are lower than those for the successfully concluded auctions as the auctioned items require additional costs to be borne by Auctentic for cleaning/polishing, certification and professional photography.

Auctentic’s fees for the second chance offer

Sales up to € 30,000: 10% commissions

Sales over € 30,000: commissions at 8%

Auctentic commissions on successfully concluded auctions

Sales up to €5,000: 18% commissions

Sales from 5,001 to 15,000 €: 14% commissions

Sales from 15,001 to 30,000 €: 12% commissions

Sales over € 30,000: 10% commissions

The market value defines how much an object is worth in the current market.
It is determined by the measurement of demand and how much buyers are willing to spend to buy it.
At Auctentic we are sure to get you the most out of the market value because we only submit your precious items to selected professional buyers from all over the world, who compete to win them through a direct bid or auction on this platform..

You decide the reserve price together with our experts before the auction begins.
Setting the reserve price ensures that your valuable is not sold less than you want to make.
The reserve price is binding: when the auction ends, if the maximum bid coincides with the reserve price you have set or exceeds it, the sale is automatically approved.
If it is lower than your reserve price, you can decline the offer and your item is sent back to you immediately, fully insured with all expenses borne by Auctentic.
The only expenses at your expense in case of refusal of the offer are the certification costs, which depend on the caliber of the certified stone: these expenses will still be communicated to you before auctioning and are subject to prior approval by you.

The “Buy Now” option is the fixed price at which the buyer can immediately buy your item at auction.
When the buyer selects this option, the auction ends and the sale is approved.

When you buy a new item, its price includes retail mark-up, which includes various costs such as service, staff expenses, rentals, advertising, and much more.
Especially in the precious jewelry and luxury sector, the mark-up can even exceed 100%.
The resale price is affected by the depreciation of the object, wear and tear, the passing of fashions, and does not contain the margin of reloading of the new.
Very often, especially for insurance purposes, valuations of valuables represent the retail price, not the resale price.
Auctentic’s commitment is to always get you the highest resale price on the market

Buyers are better willing to make the highest bids to win the jewels and stones certified by the most important and reliable gemological institutes in the world (I.G.I., the Gemological Institute of Antwerp and GIA, the Gemological Institute of America) as totally impartial and independent bodies on the evaluations they express.

Thanks to the certificate numbered I.G.I. or GIA that accompanies the precious stone in an unequivocal way, the buyer knows that what he sees is guaranteed and authentic and is therefore inclined to make higher offers

For this reason Auctentic relies only on I.G.I. and GIA for the certification of your precious stones and create a climate of trust between buyer and seller, for mutual satisfaction.

Since Auctentic is not the direct buyer of your precious objects, any evaluation expressed in this regard is as impartial as possible.

Evaluations and certificates allow you to receive a more accurate estimate for your valuables but do not increase their value.
Auctentic relies only on evaluations and certifications issued by recognized professionals in the sector and by independent gemological institutes such as the I.G.I. of Antwerp and the GIA for an impartial judgment.

Selling used jewelry such as diamond rings and luxury watches to a jewelry store does not allow you to make the most of it (perhaps a little more than the pawnshop).

When a jeweler buys a jewel or watch from a private individual, he usually then resells it to another merchant who in turn will resell it to a wholesaler.

More people involved to make a profit translates into a much smaller gain for you.
Some jewelers offer the sales account, which means leaving your item in the store until an interested buyer decides to buy it.

In this case, however, it can be months before the item is sold and you can receive payment.

Auctentic is the online platform for instant sales and auctions of jewelry, precious stones and watches that really authenticates the objects you want to sell to get you the best result and for the maximum protection of the buyer.
Other online auction platforms do not authenticate the items that sellers sell and the buyer is therefore at risk of falling victim to scams or buying something that does not match the description, with the result of seeing his expectations disappointed and asking for a refund.
In still other cases it happens that the product is modified or exchanged for a lower value before being sent back to the seller, who is thus scammed in turn.
Best of all, these platforms don’t guarantee bids once the item is auctioned

The large auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s require a much greater effort from the seller in terms of time and effort, as well as much higher sales commissions before reaching the auction itself and its conclusion.

The buyer who buys on Auctentic is guaranteed to be able to buy with confidence, in the knowledge that the objects he sees, in photos and descriptions, correspond to the truth and consequently what he buys is what he will receive.

This is because all jewels, precious stones and watches for sale through the platform are first authenticated and described by Auctentic experts in every characteristic, in an impartial way.

In this way, buyers are encouraged to bid higher, direct or at auction, to win your item.

For all the precious objects that you decide to put up for auction, Auctentic’s service also includes high resolution photographs, cleaning / polishing, certification and the search for the right buyers for the jewels and stones you want to sell, as well as the management of payments.

For these reasons it is essential that the items are physically present in the Auctentic headquarters for the purpose of evaluation and to ensure that they are sold at the right price and to the right people to achieve your full satisfaction

The shipment of your items is paid by Auctentic, it is fast and fully insured and tracked.
Receive an email with the shipping label of the courier specializing in shipments of precious Ferraris.
All you have to do is print the label.
The shipment is tracked and insured from the moment it leaves your address and up to the Auctentic offices, and your valuables will always be covered by additional insurance for on-site custody.

The safety of your valuables is Auctentic’s priority.
When your item arrives on site, it is fully covered by insurance until it is delivered to the address of the final buyer.
Your item will always be kept in a safe and will only be handled by Auctentic experts when opening the package for evaluation and authentication purposes or to take professional photographs, cleaning/polishing and any certifications if you decide later to put it up for auction.

In the unlikely and extreme case of this happening, remember that your items are still insured from the moment they are collected from your address by the Ferrari courier specializing in valuables and up to the Auctentic headquarters.
The insurance coverage provided by Auctentic for valuables in transit reaches up to € 50,000: the amount is calculated on the resale value but items with a higher estimate always receive additional coverage that is communicated to you before shipment, depending on the value how much you want to sell.

Yes. You can make an appointment for a free home assessment with one of our experts, in full compliance with the latest ministerial measures regarding Covid prevention.
You can call us at +39 02.94759694 (Italy MILAN) or write to [email protected] to arrange a meeting without obligation.

You have no obligation before auctioning.

Once you have decided on the reserve price, you are bound to sell your precious for that amount.
If you have chosen the “buy now” option and a buyer decides to buy at the price you have set, you are bound to sell.

If the highest offer does not reach the reserve price, you have the option to decline it and request the return of your item, with fully insured shipping and paid by Auctentic.

The only costs at your expense in case of refusal of the offer are the certification costs, which depend on the carat weight of the certified stone: these costs will in any case be communicated to you before auctioning and are subject to prior approval by you.

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the offer you receive, since it is lower than the reserve price you have decided, just request free and insured shipping.

Auctentic will send the item back to you immediately and in the same condition it was in when you sent it, without obligation.

The only costs at your expense in case of refusal of the offer are the certification costs, which depend on the carat weight of the certified stone: these costs will in any case be communicated to you before auctioning and are subject to prior approval by you.

However, if you have accepted the reserve price reached at the auction, you are bound to sell your item.

Auctentic guarantees you that, once the offer is placed, if you accept it, the buyer is obliged to purchase your item.

Yes, you can propose to Auctentic to sell jewelry, precious stones and watches that are not in the best condition.
Jewelery and precious metals are in fact evaluated on the basis of weight and quality, so it is possible to sell them even if they have missing pieces or are damaged.
As for the watches, however, remember that you can only get the most out if they are working.
Remember that when you send your valuables to Auctentic it is always better to put them in the original box.

Depending on the type of frame it may happen that the stone is very difficult to remove without damaging the ring. In the event that the removal of the stone is instead possible, keeping the ring intact, Auctentic can consent to your request. Either way, an Auctentic expert is on hand to explain how it works to allow you to decide what to do.

Auctentic never asks the seller to remove diamonds or precious stones from the jewel he wants to sell. However, in order for the possible certification of the stone by the GIA, it is necessary to disassemble it, since this gemological institute carries out certifications only on loose stones. However, if you decide not to have your diamond disassembled, or the experts of Auctentic evaluate that it is an operation that can damage the jewel, the stone is classified by the I. G.I., the International Gemological Institute of Antwerp, whose laboratories carry out certifications also on already mounted stones. Auctentic does not take the free initiative to remove the stone from your jewel but proceeds with the removal only with your written consent, after carefully informing you that it will not be reassembled.

All items shipped to Auctentic are tracked, insured and monitored from your front door and until delivery to our offices, where they are kept safe and always covered by insurance. Once your items have been verified by Auctentic’s experts, they are placed in high-security safes for the duration of the sales process. The Auctentic headquarters is a safe and monitored place 24/7 and your items are insured from the moment they enter the offices and until they are sent back to you or sent back to the buyer who purchased them.

Auctentic relies only on the best experts and institutes in the precious sector and puts the utmost effort into the evaluation and impartial description of the objects you want to sell, so an unsofied buyer is a very rare eventuality.

However, if it should happen that a buyer, once received the precious, contests the description provided by the experts of Auctentic complaining of the differences, he can submit his complaint to [email protected] to document the difference, ask for the return and the full refund of the price he paid.

The responsibility for the refund lies solely with Auctentic and not with the seller.

In order to protect both the seller and the buyer and prevent illegal behavior, it is necessary to provide a valid identity document. Auctentic cannot perform any bank transactions or issue payments without a valid identity document, for legal purpose.

Certainly but it is not recommendable because for the security and monitoring process on shipments Auctentic wants the precious objects to be able to return to the rightful owner in the safest way possible. In case you want to provide a shipping address different from yours, the procedure requires you to provide additional information and your confirmation, so the timing of the sale may be longer.

Auctentic provides a fundamental service to buyers: the verification of the authenticity of each jewel, watch and precious stone for sale. All the items for sale are in fact verified and authenticated by Auctentic experts to allow the buyer to save time and money, with the security of being able to rely on serenity without the risk of incurring inexperienced or unonesist sellers.