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Selling a diamond ring

There are many people who decide to sell a used diamond ring, whether for financial or sentimental reasons. Getting rid of the most material symbol of a broken relationship may be the right thing to do when it is time to move on. Selling a diamond ring in such cases is also a valuable aid in overcoming a difficult financial situation that often accompanies the reality of having to deal with expenses completely on your own for the first time. Whether your motive is to get rid of past memories and start a new life or perhaps to sell a diamond ring to buy yourself something that can make you happier, Auctentic is here to help.


How to sell a diamond ring is the right question to ask, especially in the resale market, which is then what you are specifically interested in.

Therefore, it is important to entrust your used diamond rings for sale to professionals who are always on your side, with a mission to get you the most out of the sale, to meet your needs and give you the guarantee of a certain and instant payment, without having to worry about looking for the right buyer and then getting paid on time.


Auctentic has created a free service for selling used diamond rings online that guarantees you in all aspects of the reliability and satisfaction you are looking for.

Offering your valuables only to qualified luxury buyers, Auctentic, through its expert gemologists and international sellers, always finds the best selling solution that’s right for you.

And it does so through a service you can quickly access from your home, with sales and payment timelines of exceptional speed.

Not to mention that your rings are always safe and fully insured for their full value, all the time, to the highest standard of the diamond industry.


Auctentic’s specialists are professionals with long experience in the field of selling used diamond rings, and they know well that this type of precious carries emotional ties and memories, beautiful but also, at times, painful. Therefore, when you decide to entrust the sale of a diamond ring to Auctentic, you know they are in good hands.

Auctentic’s mission is to help you sell a diamond ring in the smartest way by offering a streamlined, secure, and easy process that allows you to receive the highest offer on the market within 24 hours and without any commitment on your part.

Where to sell a diamond ring? Auctentic is the serious and professional answer: the experts on its team-salespeople and gemologists-are always on your side to get you the price as close as possible to your expectations, because to perfect the sale of used diamond rings, they are submitted right away to a select group of buyers from all over the world who are genuinely interested and make serious and competitive offers.

Selling a ring with Auctentic has an immediate advantage: multiple buyers competing to win your valuables and more easily and quickly reach the price that can satisfy you.

If you have only one buyer, on the other hand, he decides the price.

Free Pickup

Choose insured home pickup with Malca-Amit cash courier paid for by Auctentic. Your ring is always insured for 100% of its value.

Timing: 24 hours

We do everything

Get multiple offers from around the world to sell your ring, without moving from home. Within 24 hours you know the most you can make from your valuables.

Timing: 24 hours

24-hour payment

Accept the bid and receive the instant transfer to your account. You can also reject the bid, with no commitment to sell or decide to put your ring up for auction.

Timing: 24 hours

Put up for auction

Put your jewelry up for auction for the duration of 10 days. We take care of the best preparation of your ring to present them to the buying public.

Timing: 5 days


The immediate benefit of selling jewelry online is obvious, as you can receive higher offers. If you only have one buyer, he makes the price. If you have more buyers, the real market value of your jewelry can be more easily achieved. At Auctentic we help you to get the price as close as possible to your expectations, since even without going to auction we submit your jewelry to the highest bidder, with immediate payment.

A good way to make sure you get the best price is to know exactly what you own. Since the characteristics of a jewel cannot certainly be visible to the naked eye, the certificate issued by a gemological institute of proven seriousness and the evaluation of an expert are essential when you wish to sell your jewelry.

The certification of diamond jewelry

Surely you have a certificate that accompanies your diamond jewelry, but you should know that most jewelers issue “homemade” gemological certificatesinstead of relying on impartial and independent third parties, as in the case of numbered certificates issued by the I.G.I. of Antwerp or the GIA. In fact, the most reliable certifications are precisely those of the International Gemological Institute of Antwerp, the I.G.I. and the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America.

The benefits of these certifications are the international recognition and respect by the diamond industry.

The certification does not attest to the economic value of the diamond, but it impartially certifies all its qualities, also stating whether the stone is natural, synthetic or treated to enhance or modify its appearance.

In summary, the two important factors in getting a fair price for your jewelry are:

-knowing exactly what you have, having it professionally assessed and classified;

-having several buyers trying to win your valuables, resulting in the recognition of the real market value.

What factors affect the value of your diamond ring?

There are five big factors that those who buy diamonds and jewels keep in mind when analyzing a piece of their interest:

The 4 C’s of the diamond ​

Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut


Famous brands maintain their exclusivity over time, standing out for excellence and style


As with high fashion, color, rare cuts or a sophisticated design are also worth more in jewelry


If a piece of jewelry has scratches or marks, it is always good to have it cleaned and polished before selling it

Historical period

For some pieces of jewelry, age adds value such as vintage jewelry from 20-30 years ago and antique jewelry more than 100 years old.


All the trendy jewels on the market, in particular:

Diamond Jewelry over 1 carat;

Loose diamonds over 1 carat;

Luxury watches.