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Selling Jewelry Online

Whether you are thinking of selling the jewelry you no longer wear to monetize or the ones you don’t like anymore to buy new ones, the most important thing is to be sure to sell your valuable at the highest market value and in the safest way.


The valuation of used jewelry is always changing, even in the resale market, which is then what you are specifically interested in.
Therefore, it is important to entrust your most valuable possessions to professionals who are always on your side, with a mission to get you the most out of the sale, to meet your needs and give you the guarantee of a certain and instant payment, without having to worry about looking for the right buyer and then getting paid on time.


The value of diamonds and jewels always changes, so it is important to really choose the best place to sell them to meeting your needs and receiving an appropriate offer.

Selling jewelry at the gold shop or at the local jewelry shop is not the best idea because the markup of the retail sale means receiving offers far below the market value.

In fact, many prefer to try to sell in the area with a trusted jeweler. However, in most cases, even the trusted jeweler does not have the possibility to offer a reasonable amount while online it is possible to find solutions to receive more generous offers.

With Auctentic we have developed a way of selling your jewelry that guarantees you reliability and satisfaction in all respects. By selling only to qualified buyers, we can always guarantee you the best valuation for your jewel. You can quickly complete the entire procedure from your home and receive payment by immediate bank transfer within 24 hours. Not forgetting that your jewelry is safe and insured all the time.

Secure Shipping

We schedule a free pick-up through armored truck, fully insured up to 100,000 €, from the moment it leaves your home till the buyer’s home.

Timing: 24 hours

We do it all

We always give you the highest offer because we have your valuables get valued by expert gemologists and shown to an international audience of buyers.

Timing: 24 hours

Payment in 24 hours

Receive the best offer and get the instant bank transfer to your account or choose to put your item up for auction.

Timing: 24 hours


We auction your valuables for you, trying to get you more. We take care of everything: cleaning, certificate and photos included.

Timing: 24 hours


We know that jewels bring with them emotional bonds and memories, good or bad. For this reason, when you decide to sell a piece of jewelry, we want you to know that it is in good hands. Our mission is to help you sell your jewelry in the best way, offering you a lean, safe and easy procedure that allows you to choose between receiving the highest valuation on the market or auctioning your jewelry to try to get more.

Our guarantees:

Up to € 100,000 of insurance coverage from the moment your jewelry leaves your home and arrives in our offices. After filling out the form

with the description of the jewels you want to sell, we will send you an estimate of the value that you can receive with immediate payment. If the amount satisfies you, following your confirmation we will send you the free shipping label, fully insured, by email, covering up to € 100,000. Once the package is received in our offices, we check the contents and contact you to confirm the offer. If you accept, you will receive the payment by immediate bank transfer the very same day.

With LLOYD’S, Auctentic provides you with up to € 100,000 of insurance coverage for each shipment with Lloyd’s of London, the world leader in insurance companies since 1688, to protect all valuables that arrive at our headquarters and that we auction on our platform.

Diamond classification for auctions. We trust only the best gemological laboratories in the world to classify your diamonds. If you prefer to auction your valuables to try to get more, we take care of cleaning and photographing your precious items and classifying all the diamonds present in the jewels at the I.G.I. of Antwerp or the GIA, the largest gemological institutes in the world.

We trust only the best diamond evaluation laboratories, I.G.I. and GIA, to classify diamonds before an auction. Diamonds sold with I.G.I. and GIA are more valuable and can receive higher bids. Find out about our Seller Protection Policy.

We take care of the classification and cleaning of your jewels and we photograph them (only if you decide to put them up for auction) and find you the perfect buyer among international professionals interested in buying. All you have to do is book the free collection insured with Ferrari or Malca Amit, a courier specialized in the transport of valuables, on the day you prefer and we will take care of the rest.

A dedicated expert. You will be supported by an expert throughout the procedure, to keep you informed at every step. You will know exactly where your jewel is, at all times.

Your trust is of the utmost importance to us. This is why we are happy to always be able to offer you a personalized service of high level and competence, so we are proud to differentiate ourselves from all the others.

What factors affect the value of jewels?

There are five big factors that those who buy diamonds and jewels keep in mind when analyzing a piece of their interest:

The 4 C’s of the diamond

Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut


Famous brands maintain their exclusivity over time, standing out for excellence and style


As with high fashion, color, rare cuts or a sophisticated design are also worth more in jewelry 


If a piece of jewelry has scratches or marks, it is always good to have it cleaned and polished before selling it 

Historical period

For some pieces of jewelry, age adds value such as vintage jewelry from 20-30 years ago and antique jewelry more than 100 years old.


All the trendy jewels on the market, in particular:

Jewels that contain diamonds over 1 carat;

Loose diamonds over 1 carat;

Luxury watches.